Pilot Collective is a social impact, non-profit organization with the ideal of operating its working board of directors as advocates and administers for its participating audience to put forth its mission of delivering education, experience and ultimate transcendence toward an ever awakening collective consciousness.

Pilot Collective pursues planetary ascension and not a 'Members Only' ascension.

PC looks to bring down the proverbial barriers that surround the many vessels of what we call the awakened community and carry its teachings abroad and transmissible.


The knowledge, wisdom, techniques and teachings that foster the ongoing process of awakening are due to be available, palatable, digestible and nurtured by every human and no longer limited in its exposure to only those seeking, paying fees or tuning into 'awakened community media channels'.  The wisdom of this acquired interest of truth seeking and transcendence can be brought and taught to the masses.  Revivalists of these ascension wisdoms are known in the Pilot Collective as Pilot Beings.  Pilot Beings participate in the sharing and integration of these wisdoms to planetary lengths far outside said community and assert resistance in accepting any ignorance of our destiny as a human race to ascend in collective consciousness toward an everlasting golden age.


Whether surfaced, distorted, forgotten or suppressed, this dream resides in all hearts on both sides of these barriers.  With Pilot Collective, the doors are open and the word community is arbitrary.  To live our dreams as a whole, we must first as a whole wake up.


Pilot Collective deliverables have no hierarchic order of operations and no lucrative missions.

All content is collectively created and distributed to the masses based on the participation of its audience.